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Safin Hasan A story struggle to success.

Safin Hasan is the youngest IPS officer. He said – Success is assured with confidence, smart work and improving mistakes

Safin Hasan childhood

When Hassan was ten years old, he saw the Collector’s red-light car at the fair with his aunt. Seeing the Collector’s status asked Mausi, then he said- He is the king of the district. Since then, Safin had decided to become an IAS officer. He passed the Gujarat PSC examination with a rank of 34. He also got the district registrar job, but he kept trying and died only after becoming an IPS.

Safin Hasan childhood

Hasan’s mother, Nasib Ben, worked in people’s homes for 14 years to teach the son up to 10th standard. Father Mustafa Bhai used to work as an electrician. Hassan studied in the village till the 10th. Due to their poor financial condition, the school in Palanpur had waived 11th and 12th. When enrolled in engineering, relatives helped pay fees. Hussainbhai and Zarina Ben of the village helped when Safin needed more money to go to Delhi for UPSC preparations.

Safin Hassan in uniform

Accident before exam.

Hussle had an accident just before the fourth paper of UPSC Mains. There was a paper from 9 in the morning. But at 8:30, his accident and his knee, elbow and head were injured by sliding the bike at 8:30. Amid the pain, Hassan was happy that the right hand (right hand) was delicate. Hassan says- Due to the UPSC paper being extended, he reached the exam centre by driving himself with a pen killer. After the report underwent MIR, the knee ligament was revealed to be broken. There was a high need to do the operation of a leg. But Safin refused because he had to give his interview.

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Safin Hasan Interview in critical condition.

UPSC interview was in March 2018. As of February 20, Hassan was ill. The WBC count decreased to 30 thousand. There were injections, but the fever was not breaking. On March 15, he took leave from the hospital and reached Delhi to prepare for the interview. Gave interview with one-week preparation. When the result came, he got the second-highest marks all over the country.

Safin Hassan Passed UPSC in the first attempt.

In June 2016, Hassan began preparations. Appeared in UPSC and GPSC exams. He passed UPSC written exam with 570th rank. Gujarat also succeeded in PSC. The first posting has taken place in Jamnagar after IPS training. On December 23, he will take charge of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). Hassan says – instead of joining a flow, we should do our analysis for success.

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